Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mommy Moments That Make Me Smile :-)...

I just love noticing the little things, the details and the little milestones that our sweet girl passes. They seriously make my heart swell up with so much pride.

Here's my Top Ten brag list of her new skills.

With our help, she can pull up to a sitting position from laying down by holding on to our fingers. But she doesn't want to stop there, if we keep on pulling, she will bend her little knees and stand up all cute and super straight. She loves it and will do this 5-10 times in a row before she is ready for bigger and better things. Or until she gets so excited she spits up :(

We bought her an activity jumper thingee awhile back, but have only put her in it sparingly. She has always enjoyed being placed in there for very brief stints but this week she actually played in there! She deliberately rolled the little wheels with her hands and batted at the hanging butterflies. She pushed the sound buttons and touched every single little toy! She even figured out with a little umph she could make herself bounce (imagine that?!?!)

She finally discovered her feet! Her favorite thing to do now is lie on her back and play with them (we're talking for like 30 or 45 minutes at a time). She is completely awe struck by them, it's the sweetest thing! Not to mention it has worked out great for us, because all of this cuteness transpired at dinner time so we actually ate our dinner at a leisurely pace instead of hoovering down our food, Indy-500 style.

She hasn't had any problems with any of her baby food! No matter the flavor, she can handle it like a total champ. She loves it ALL amazingly (so far anyway, haha). This week we tried sweet potatos for the first time and she liked them so much she ripped the spoon right out of my hand and Little Miss Independent started trying to feed herself. And, just to make sure none went to waste, she proceeded to lick her bib. That's my girl ;)

I love it when she grabs at anything..... well except for my hair....I won't have any soon I swear if she keeps it up. I'm already down a couple of necklaces too, but I'll cut my losses, haha. If I pick something up while I am carrying her, she has to hold onto it too. Or if we are playing with toys I will hand her one and she grabs it and it instantly finds her mouth. Cute.

I love that she gets so excited about bathtime. After our sweet potato baby food session, she was bright orange from head to toe, so of course we headed for the tub. Nevermind the fact that she'd already had two baths that day, lol. (Can't wait to get the water bill, j/k) She giggled and smiled and lifted up her little feet and splished and splashed. And then she loves when I gently hose her down with the sprayer to get all the bubbles off before she gets out, she starts kicking and flapping her arms in excitement. I swear in another life my baby girl was an exhibitionist, because when the clothes come off, she lets loose. (Still not sure that this is a good thing or not but...)

Despite all the good stuff that's gone on this week, my little munchkin has been plagued with a bit of tummy trouble :( She's just recently started spitting up and it's becoming more frequent. We have her on reflux meds and a new formula now (cross our fingers that we get some relief). A sidenote, amazingly enough, as terrible as she's felt lately, you'd never know it, she hasn't let it get her down and she's totally been rolling with the punches. We went shopping with Nana on Friday and she had a blast, and get this NO spit up what so ever!!! Coincidence? I think not! It is seeming more and more that she loves to shop!!! Boo-Yah!!!

I can totally see her skipping the whole crawling stage. I realize it's a critical stage of development, but... She has no interest AT ALL in being put on her tummy. Don't get me wrong, she can hold herself up, but she'd rather stand. Since she was about 3 months old, she easily bores of sitting or tummy time and insists on standing and trying to walk (with our help of course). This week while we were waiting for Justin to get home from work, she caught a glimpse of his picture on the computer and practically took off in an assisted sprint right for the screen. It was the craziest thing! No question, she's a Daddy's Girl!

I love finding all her precious ticklish spots! New one this week, her chubby little thighs, don't ya just love em? All we have to do is say "I'm gonna get you," and wiggle our fingers at her and it instantly sends her into a fit of giggles and shreiks. It's the cutest!

and the Number 1 Super Proud Mommy Moment of this past week is......

When Paisley and her Daddy sit in the glider and talk back and forth to one another.
They take turns mimicking each other for the longest time. She loves sitting on his knee while he's bouncing her and making the sweetest baby conversation. The faster he bounces her the louder she gets and more talkative she becomes. She is my little Chatty Cathy. Can't imagine where she gets that from, lol!!! ;)


  1. You make me the proudest Nana ever. I am so blessed that Paisley has such great parents to love her. But of course I do think she is pretty special.

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