Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree...

I remember it like it was yesterday, Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk across the stage at Motown 25 on live TV. I was only 4 at the time, but this moment was life changing for me. When my little eyes saw this man seemingly "floating" backwards I was in shock, awe and total disbelief. I knew it must be his "magic glitter socks" that made this incredible dancing possible LOL! So of course I begged my mom for a pair. Lord knows I needed all the help I could get on the dance floor. I was the kid at the dance recitals that went left when everyone else was going right, LOL. I just knew these glitter socks would be the answer to my prayers! Once I got them I never wanted to take them off, and I refused to tap dance unless I was wearing them because they made me "better." I even went so far as to put a sticker of Michael on my dance bag (the kind you get from a vending machine) for a little added inspiration, haha! Who knows if they really worked??? I'd like to think so, but unfortunately I still have two left feet, haha!
With the recent passing of The King Of Pop, I was feeling a little nostalgic, so I put in a CD of his greatest hits while I was out and about running errands. Princess P was in the back throwing a massive tantrum as usual (she HATES her carseat). The song Beat It came on, I cranked it up, and I kid you not, there was instant silence in the car. I thought to myself that's funny, this kid has an interesting taste in music, but I'm sure it's purely coincidental. That was until it happened several more times, same thing, big hissyfit that ceases when that song is played.
How funny is that? I really thought I was losing it though because this only seemed to happen when it was just the two of us in the car together so I had no other witnesses to experience this craziness with me. Until this week! JT got home from work early and we had a few things to take care of. We got all loaded up, started down the road, and within minutes Paise was in meltdown mode. I popped in the CD skipped to song 5 cue guitar : "nuh na nuh na nuh na nuh na nuh..." Like clockwork she was silenced! He still wasn't a believer. Then my cell phone rang mid-song, so we turned the song off, within seconds P was screaming at the top of her lungs. No joke, as soon as I hung up and turned that silly song back on again she was quiet as a mouse! Coincidence??? I think not!!! Needless to say, I have turned JT into a believer, LOL!
Guess the apple doesn't fall that far from the tree after all?!?! ;-)


  1. Frank thinks you should write books. Your blogs are so fun to read. LOL

  2. That is SO cute! When MJ passed away, I uploaded some of his songs to my iPod and now my kids LOVE listening to his music. But it confused them a little bit...they kept asking "how can he still be singing if he's dead?".