Saturday, August 8, 2009

Six Months!!!

Time flies when you're having fun! I guess the old saying really is true?!?! Seems like just yesterday I was being wheeled into the operating room to have my sweet little baby girl, and today she turns 6 months old! I can hardly believe it, where has time gone? These last 6 months have gone by entirely too fast, at this rate, we will be celebrating your 1st Birthday WAY before I am ready! At any rate, my precious Paisely Grace, here's what you are up to now days:

  • You weigh 20 lbs! (that puts you in the 90-95%)
  • You are about 26 in (50-75%)

(These numbers will be verified at your 6 mo. check up next week)

  • You LOVE sweet potatos! Pears come in a close second though.

  • You can sit up on your own now for almost 15 sec. (Such a Big Girl!)

  • You are very vocal (when you want to be, LOL) You sang very loudly and entertained everyone at Crackerbarrel for about 45 min for mommy's birthday! (It was the best present EVER by the way!)
  • You have the cutest little personality. When people say hi to you, you pretend to be shy and bashful even if it's someone you know. You'll smile and bury your head all sweet like in our chests.
  • You give a WHOLE new meaning to the nickname "Miss Priss!" Sometimes, when people hold you, or are talking to you, you intentionally ignore them. You will look everywhere but at whomever is trying to get your attention, as if to send the message that you'll talk to them when it's "convenient" for you. It's the funniest thing (do this in a few more years and it'll be a different story, LOL)
  • You are obsessed with your feet lately. Your new trick is putting them in your mouth. Sometimes both at the same time ;) You can't stand for me to put shoes on you because then you can't get to those sweet piggies of yours, haha! Also, you learned this week that the harder you kick with them in the tub the bigger the splash you can make (oh boy!)

  • You have the most contagious laugh. I could honestly listen to it all day. No joke it's the sweetest noise my ears have ever heard! You really get your giggle box turned over when I start laughing along with you it's hysterical and I love it!!!

I am blessed beyond words to have you Paise. You have given my life purpose and meaning. I thank God for you daily! Happy Half Birthday Sweet Girl!!! I love you!!!

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